Students and staff express the advantages of using an ASB card


Story by Maximilian Behre, Messenger Staff Writer

Placer High School offers ASB (Associated Student Body) cards every year to students who wish to attend school events at a discounted price. But what are ASB cards and are they worth the price?

According to Kari Uno, the ASB activities director and advisor, ASB cards offer substantial discounts at school events such as dances, games, and even on merchandise. “It saves money at all events. With more dances and more school events, it simply saves you a lot of money,” said Uno.

However, not all students are able to afford the ASB card, and some even consider it unfair to limit access to events based on financial status. Christen Rice, a student at Placer High School, shared her thoughts on the matter. “The idea is really cool and I understand why they have it, but for some people, it’s not a possibility for them to get one, and I think it’s dumb to limit people just because they didn’t get a specific card. We are all a part of the same school, same events, it should be the same for everyone,” she said.

On the other hand, Kaya Moore, who purchased an ASB card, believes that it is a better use of money for those who attend school events regularly. “I go to a lot of school events, and it was a better use of money to buy [an ASB card],” said Moore.

Jordan Everett, another student who purchased an ASB card, shared her experience with the advantages of having one. “ASB cards help me save so much money throughout the year, whether I’m buying dance tickets, Placer gear, or entry into games. ASB cards are so worth the initial fee at the beginning of the year once you realize how much money you are saving from the discounts,” she said.

Arya Cruzen, who decided not to purchase an ASB card, admitted that she regrets her decision when it comes to dance discounts and Placer merchandise. “One thing I wish I did get was discounts on dances and Placer merch,” she said.

When it comes to special deals, Uno mentioned that there are giveaways throughout the year. ASB cards also support leadership events and athletics accounts, which is a win-win for students who want to attend school events and support their school at the same time.

For those who can’t afford the ASB card, Uno suggests saving a dollar every day and planning for the expense. “Just save a dollar every day and plan for that expense,” she said.

In conclusion, ASB cards offer significant discounts and support for school events and programs, but not everyone can afford them. It’s important to remember that financial status should not limit access to school events, and alternative solutions should be considered. Nonetheless, for those who attend school events regularly, ASB cards are a worthwhile investment.