Art Building improvements needed

Story by Colin Garrett, Staff Writer

With faulty windows, cracks in the floor, and peeling wallpaper, some teachers and students wonder if the art building is next in line for upgrades and improvements.

With a long time passing since the last upgrade, the building is now starting to reveal its age. 

“The art building is reaching its 100th birthday, and it shows.” said Kaija Perkins-Uno, art teacher. 

The windows on both floors are faulty with some unable to open or close.  There are also other windows that are cracked or have holes in them.  The walls also have problems. In most of the classrooms in the art building, walls have cracks and wood paneling is peeling away from them.  In addition, the furniture in the art and computer labs are old and in need of replacement. In Don Isbell’s room, the seats are around 20 years old and could be deemed unsafe.  

Another large flaw in the building is its heating and air conditioning. In the winter, the building can go as low as 50 degrees. In the spring, the structure can get up to 80 degrees. During the spring, Perkins-Uno brings out a large fan to cool the classroom down. In the winter, the option of going upstairs to the photo room for warmth is provided. Art can be difficult with cold hands, and the temperature can make it hard to focus. 

“So in the winter time on a really cold day it starts around 52 degrees and by the end of the day it will hopefully reach 60-” said Perkins-Uno. “-and then in the summer the usual temperature will start over 85 because it’s actually warmer in the morning, and hopefully get under 80.”. 

In the beginning parts of fall and the end of spring, the building’s atmosphere is humid and thick, leading to an unpleasant feeling. 

Although some may feel down about the derelict structure, many teachers have their hopes up for the future. 

“I am looking forward to any future renovations to our building,” said Don Isbell, the computer science teacher on the upper floor. In the art classroom, the district has provided the room with temporary mobile heaters, raising the quality of the room.

 Placer’s new principal, Kyle Turner, is keen on building the school image.

“We want to show off the best of what Placer has to offer, and you also want to look for areas that you can improve in every way,” he said. An improvement he discussed was the flooring of the building, which would be a much needed improvement considering the current one is cracking. 

Improvements must be made to provide a good image and clean environment to students. Although neglected, plans are underway to repair parts of the building and preserve this historic building on campus.