Mrs. Schroeder: From teacher to Placer’s favorite librarian


Mrs. Schroeder personality is a main reason students love having her as Placer’s librarian.

Story by Maximilian Behre, Newspaper staff

For 23 years, Angela Schroeder worked as an English and history teacher, but after the librarian at her former school campus retired, she knew it was time for a change. “I have always wanted to be a librarian, so I went back to college and earned my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science,” she said.

Today, Schroeder is the librarian at Placer High School and she couldn’t be happier. “I love being a librarian! I get to help students with a variety of things all day. It is fun hosting Hilltime events, helping students with their school work, college applications, and scholarships,” she said. 

Schroeder likes hanging out with the students and she enjoys getting to know the students better. Everyone loves her which she also notices.  “I love getting to know so many types of people here. All of the students are so awesome and kind to me when they visit.” She added.

Schroeder’s job is even more special because her two kids attend the same school. “I love working at their school. It is great to be a part of their day and see them every day. I cannot imagine missing out on all of the time with them,” she said. “I see them about 1 million times per day,” she added, laughing.

Schroeder believes that her job as a librarian strengthens her relationship with her kids. “I think it definitely strengthens our relationship,” she said. “I also love getting to know all their super amazing friends.”

Schroeder’s welcoming and respectful demeanor makes her popular with both students and staff. “I try to be welcoming and give respect to everyone. I also try to find a way to relate to all students and staff who visit,” she said. “Have you met me?” she added, jokingly. Schroeder’s days are filled with helping students with Chromebooks, finding books or information for research, creating and setting up book displays, and assisting students with school work, job applications, scholarships, and more. “I help students throughout the day with at least a million other things,” she said.

To the question, of whether her job is hard, she disagreed. Saying “No, it is wonderfully perfect.”

Looking to the future, Schroeder wants the library to be a dynamic place where she can host a lot of events that are both fun and educational. “I want the library to be a place where students can come to learn, but also have fun,” she said.

Schroeder’s journey from teacher to librarian has been a fulfilling one. “I love being a librarian! It is wonderfully perfect,” she said.