PHS students share plans for summer as COVID restrictions decrease


Photo credit: Addie Buckingham

View from The Pour Choice coffee shop

Story by Addie Buckingham, Messenger Staff Writer

For the past few years, COVID has caused summer plans to be altered for everyone. High school students and teenagers are itching for fun summer activities and enjoying time with their friends. If you are looking for some things to add to your summer bucket list, these students are here to help by sharing their plans for the summer.

“One thing I want to do this summer is to go to the lake a lot and hang out with my friends,” freshmen Brooke Korpi shared. “I think this upcoming summer will be a lot more fun than the last because everything is opening up now. The school year has definitely been an adjustment, so the summer break is much needed.”

Korpi says that she looks forward to traveling to the beach, Tahoe, and her softball tournament in San Diego. “One thing I would like to accomplish during or before summer is hitting a home run during travel softball.”

Keria Ferry shares that she looks forward to babysitting this summer to make money. “I want to travel and go to Costa Rica,” Ferry states that she looks forward to going to the pool and barbecuing. “Messing around and doing things like playing tennis and being outside are some of my favorite things to do in the summer.”

Other students plan to focus more on their sports and improving on what they love doing. Mikah Passafiume does downhill mountain biking, and shares that he wants to get an Enduro bike this summer, and ride in at least one Enduro race. “I want to get more fit and work on getting faster.” 

Although he will spend a good amount of time on his bike, Passafiume has other plans as well. He shares that he loves sea otters, and he wants to take a trip to Monterey to see them. Passafiume is also on the swim team, and looks forward to swimming to get out of the summer heat and to swim for his team. 

As the end of the school year comes closer and closer, these students are looking forward to a summer packed full of excitement and spending time with friends and family. When the 2022-2023 school year starts, they will come back to campus filled with fun stories and ideas, reminiscing about the memories they made over the break.