Sex at School

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April Alexander

According to statistics, 46 percent of all high school aged students, and 62 percent of all high school seniors in the United States have already had sexual intercourse. And now, people are starting to think that it’s okay to have sex at school.

At Placer High School, there has been at least two known occasions where there has been sex at school.

“I think that having sex at school makes our school look bad. I mean, if your going to have sex why not do it at home or somewhere else that’s private instead of school? Things like that ruin our reputation,” said Samantha Slade.

Some people may think that teenage sex is okay if you have protection and you are using precaution, but usually that’s not how it is.

“It make all of the students look bad, people probably think that we’re all like that when we’re not. I don’t think that they are being considerate of the people who are doing good in school and getting a good education,” explained Bailey Reece.

“Even though it may be becoming normal to have sex at a normal age doesn’t mean that it is any way okay to be having sex on school campus during school hours,” added by Raeleen Duarte.

If students think that it’s okay to be having sexual intercourse in the bathrooms or in the band room or auditorium then what’s next?

“I can’t believe that people have so little respect for Placer that they think its alright to be having sex at school, what makes them think that?” said Samantha Slade.

Students really need to wait and not have sex at school or just wait to be in a more private place if you’re going to have sex.

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