Cost of Lunch

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Autumn Armbruster

Messenger Staff Writer


All students vary on how much money they spend a week for lunch, there are a lot of factors that the cost of lunch depend on. Parents may hand them twenty dollars a week, some may get nothing, and some earn their own money. An estimate of forty out of a hundred students go off campus for lunch everyday, and at least 70% of those students spend between ten and thirty dollars. Only three out of hundred stay on campus and only one of those students spend money. Even then the student only spends five dollars a week. There are also students that go only a few days a week but still spend as much as the students who go off-campus everyday.

If the students had to say on campus there is a big chance they would save money.The students would not have the time to spend the money, and would most likely bring a lunch, go to the cafeteria, or some may not eat lunch at all. A lot of students would protest against on-campus lunch at Placer High, because they could not like the cafeteria food, and they might not want to bring lunches from home. The students also could just buy anything they like after and before school. In the survey, one hundred Placer High School students have taken, it specifically asked just about lunch per week. Thus the results would not show how much money the students spend aside from their lunch period.

The students that either have no desire to spend money on lunch, or do not have the money to spend, save money on their own. The Placer High off-campus lunch may affect the amount of money spent, but the students do have control of whether they want to spend or save their money. It is also up to the parents, if the parents decrease the amount of money given to their children, it will help save them money as well.

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