Masked Communication

Story by Hannah Harlacher, Staff Writer


Has the world gone over board with the coolest, newest, fastest, easiest ways to just say “hi” to a friend? Is technology ruining our ability to communicate? In order for people to stay connected and communicate with one another, they need to use cell phones, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and other ways of communication.

How much do the many new ways to communicate affect out everyday lives? Cell phones first started out as tools to help us in times of need, but now we’ve become a generation that depends almost completely on our mobile devices. For many teens, texting is a major part or even all of their social life.

Mark Faulkner, teacher at Placer, responded to how different technology was when he was in high school then it is now for students at placer and around the world saying, “It was the coolest thing for a phone to have a dedicated room, for a kid to have his own phone in his own room was just about the coolest thing.” Today most kids, teens, and adults all have their own personal cell phones.

            Jesiah Stedman, junior at placer says, “I think that technology is very useful in many ways but people need to know when to use it and when not to use it. I’m fine with texting and calling, but there is a line when to text or call someone and when to talk to them in person.” In so many cases, kids who don’t know each other, become friends on facebook. They sometimes communicate over facebook and texting but when they see each other in person, they don’t even speak to one another other. Lacy Reese, junior at placer, responded to the over use of cell phones and other ways of communication,” I think its bad, but I think it’s helpful and I think it’s important to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently.”

                Without a face it’s much easier to have a conversation, any conversation, whether it’s friendly or a fight. It isn’t personal when one calls someone names or tells someone how one is feeling through a screen, one can say extremely hurtful things over Facebook, email, and texts but that doesn’t necessarily mean those people would say it to someone’s face in person. People can use computers and phones as an easier way to talk in difficult conversations, such as breaking up or making up with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Computer screens and cell phone screens are becoming disguises or masks for people to hide behind.

Mark Faulkner commented on how technology is becoming impersonal, “Pictures are instantaneous and nobody writes letters anymore. Now it’s even sort of a hassle to send out Christmas cards.” Ways of communicating are getting less and less personal all the time. It’s much easier to send a quick email or update on Facebook or Twitter, to all your friends saying “Happy Holiday’s!” No one has meaningful conversations anymore because people can just talk quickly over the computer.

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, texting, and many other of the new ways to communicate are making people lazy and greatly affecting the way we communicate. Hopefully, one day soon, we will be able to personally communicate again and come out from behind the mask, from behind the computer screen.