Placer’s newest principal already having a positive impact


Placer High’s newest principal Kyle Turner has already had an immediate impact on the school’s culture.

Story by Maximilian Behre, Newspaper staff

Placer High welcomed its newest principal last fall and the students have already felt his impact. 

Kyle Turner was hired last spring to help continue Placer’s traditions while also implementing his own plans and goals for the school. 

“Improvement in any part of life makes you more marketable and it’s something we always try to work on,” said Turner.   

Placer High School’s new principal has been in office since the beginning of the school year and has already begun working towards improving the school’s image and reputation in the community. He has emphasized the importance of being honest about the school’s current standing and identifying areas for improvement in academics, extracurricular activities, and more.

“Mr. Turner is a very enthusiastic proponent of extracurricular things like rallies and fun activities,” said Jason Long, Placer High’s drama and photo teacher.   “My students are doing better this year than they did in the last one in terms of grades and getting work done.” 

As soon as Turner began here at Placer, new rules were established. The most noticed rule is the trash rule. It is for the school, but also for the students. It keeps the campus clean and helps improve the student’s behavior and the campus’s cleanliness.

“It’s bigger than just you, it’s being a good person and also doing the little things right because if everyone does something, it adds up to a lot.””

— Kyle Turner, Principal

Turner explained.
“The school image is emerging… Placer has a lot of alumni and a lot of traditions,” he added.

Placer High School’s tremendous and rich history makes the students stick together. 

Turner has also focused on being a strong communicator, promoting the school’s positive aspects, and addressing areas that need improvement. He has emphasized the importance of maximizing academic time and introducing a culture of timeliness and community responsibility.

“The school now feels like it cares more about learning.” stated Declan Moley.

Overall, the new principal has hit the ground running and is working hard to make Placer High School an even better place for students, staff, and the community. We are excited to see the positive changes that will come in the future.