TOMS shoes helping the world


Story by Olivia Thomas, Hillmen Messenger Staff Writer

TOMS shoes is a very popular shoe brand these days, just why do people buy TOMS?

Is it just the latest fashion craze or are they popular for the good feeling each person gets after sending a pair to child in need living in Argentina.
TOMS shoes was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie after he came back from his trip to Argentina, only wanting to help the people with podoconisis or “mossy foot”. Treatment for this disease is consistent shoe wearing and daily soaking in water with an antiseptic.  Mycoskie then decided to start a business where with every pair sold, another is given to someone in need.
The design of the shoe is derived from a traditional Argentine shoe. There are other mock TOMS sold everywhere, but why do people chooses TOMS over the less expensive, same style shoe?

Kaitlin Woytus and Cori Koch, Freshmen’s at Placer High School, love their TOMS “because they’re really cute, comfy and go with everything”. Its true TOMS do tend to go with everything, being made with such simple designs and many shades there is a pair for everyone.

Senior Stephen McNaney states that he bought a pair of TOMS because, “they donate a pair to an Argentine child, therefore I believe that everyone should get a pair.”

Freshmen, Amanda Geil is perfectly content with her mock TOMS “they are the same thing just without the TOMS logo and they are thirteen dollars versus sixty dollars.”

“How do you even know the shoes are being shipped over there” says Amanda regarding the buy a pair give a pair policy.
Kaitlin buys TOMS because “when you buy a pair they give one to a child in Argentina and she feels good about herself” when she buys them.

Heidi Wolken however disagrees, she thinks TOMS are “stupid, they give a pair to a kid in Argentina but who cares their feet won’t stay protected with skimpy little fabric that will wear out in a couple of months and the price is ridiculous, they should not be that expensive, TOMS are cheap, the price to make the shoes is very low and they are making a killing.”

Seniors, Johnathan Loveland and Cody Handcock would wear TOMS “if they weren’t so mainstream with girls, but since Mike Stangland and Cj Stadmiller wear them I have considered buying a pair.”

Kaitlin may like her TOMS for their cuteness and the good feeling she gets, but she dislikes how they “fall apart if you wear them in the rain and how she can’t run in them.”

TOMS are not made to be running shoes, but they do have leather insoles and built in arch support.

Cori and Heidi both agree that TOMS are a fashion craze that will “not die out any time soon” for now TOMS are here to stay.