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Drug abuse on Placer High’s campus

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Drew Worrell & Alexis Breedlove

Messenger Staff Writers


Placer’s campus has been subject to drugs of all kinds over the years. More recently, however, there has been more exposure in the school environment to certain drugs in particular, including cigarettes, nicotine, etc. Students will openly use such substances on campus during and after school hours. Many students have been told During football games, there have been many students smoking in secluded areas and in the open. In response, Placer is considering a plan to resolve this issue.


Discussion about drugs isn’t just for the staff, Students will also bring up this topic. Talking about their experiences with drugs. Being under-aged doesn’t stop these students from bringing it up around younger classmen.


When students smoke, staff and other students tend to distinguish the scent of a cigarette or marijuana. Such drugs are undoubtedly present on Placers campus, vice principal Tim Sprinkles said


“whether it be a vape pen for marijuana or put in an edible, those are things that don’t present a smell, and we can’t necessarily see it, we only have to look at the effects. That’s hard, that’s difficult. If we see something, we’ll act, it concerns us, and it’s something that is very prevalent in the board meetings.”


The school has examined two ways to go about this situation. One is to educate not only the staff, but the students, as well. The other is taking the aggressive approach. With the educational option, there is an 8-week class called S.P.A. that teaches the students that what they’re doing is harming not only them but others around them.


Jennifer Dixon, Placer’s certified mental health specialist, Expressed her opinion that “sending home students for using drugs or alcohol is the worst thing we could do for this school.”

She would much rather have the educational class than send the students home with the possibility of them doing the same thing just unsupervised.

“School is your job and when you do drugs you are threatening it,” said Dixon.


Drugs and smoking have always been an issue that most students and even parents brush off, but that needs to change. If Placer keeps ignoring these issues they may just increase to a point where they can no longer monitered. Placers admin team is doing its best to stop the situation on campus happening again. During and after school hours.


Preventing drug abuse is nearly impossible nowadays, because all over the world students and even adults abuse drugs, However, one thing Placer can do is reduce drug use on Placer’s campus. By stopping it at school, we can educate students along the way, which is what the school board and administrators are planning.

Students are constantly improving their ability to hide illegal substances such as a vape pen, edibles, and more. These are some of the things that make it harder for Placer’s staff team. It is important that students do their best to report and witnessed drug use.


Everyone needs to be aware of not only their surroundings but what happens around them as well. Students, Staff, and Parents need to all play their role and report drug abuse on Placer’s campus.

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Drug abuse on Placer High’s campus